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When I came to work for Villa Rica, major lab tests (TSS, BOD, and fecals) were farmed out to a local privately owned lab. The only tests the operators performed were pHs and DOs along with process control. When the North Plant was built a sizeable lab was included. No equipment was included and most of the counters were never installed but there was still plenty of room to run all five of the required tests of that time, tests I had plenty of experience performing.

I put together a report which outlined the amount we were spending annually on outside testing and the cost if we started doing the tests in house. I also put together the start-up costs. From a labor standpoint, the time necessary to run the tests was almost exactly the same as the time necessary to deliver the tests to the lab so labor was not part of the equation. Even though the start-up costs were pretty steep, the savings from running the tests ourselves would pay for the expense of the new equipment needed in about two years. That's an amazingly quick payback period.

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