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I have done my fair share of maintenance over the years but it has never been my primary responsibility nor my best talent. At the City of Villa Rica, maintenance responsibilities have grown as the system has grown. The original North and West Plants consisted of an aeration basin followed by a clarifier with a digestor. Blowers were used to push air through course bubble diffuser socks. The clarifiers were rectangular and used chain drives to move the flights of sludge collectors down the tank.

At the time there were only four lift stations, two-suction lift centrifugals and two submersibles. Maintenance of the suction lift centrifugal pump stations was the most complex of all the maintenance tasks at the time. The other maintenance tasks consisted mostly of greasing and checking oil levels. Changing the aeration socks was definitely time consuming but a very simple task.

Construction of the new North Plant introduced the use of rotary aerators, circular clarifiers, chemical feed pumps, and a large scale generator. Construction of the West Plant expansion introduced nothing new at all, only more of what had come before. Then we built our first VFD lift station followed shortly by our second. The first offered very little in the way of problems but the second offered many operational and maintenance problems.

Shortly after this the population explosion began in Villa Rica which resulted in the construction of a couple dozen new lift stations. Some of the stations came with generators but eventually all of them were supplied with one. This resulted in the most significant increase in maintenance needs since I came to work for the city and I recommended the creation of a SCADA system to track lift station operations and help with maintenance needs. We also ended up purchasing a maintenance software program to help track all maintenance.

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