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In the mid 90s, I worked as a fill-in instructor at GWWI and eventually applied for full-time employment there as the water instructor. I was interviewed but was not offered the full-time position due to my lack of a Class I Water license (which I earned later the same year).

I worked sporadically as needed, usually only one day of any given course. Over a period of two years I probably taught around two dozen days, mostly lab classes but some other topics as well.

During one of my classes, we ran short of some of the chemicals needed to conduct tests forcing some groups to share supplies. I reorganized the supply closet to ensure that adequate supplies for all of the tests would be available for future classes. I still have a copy of a chemical supplies list I developed for the Wastewater Lab for Analysts class.

It was also during this time that I went to Macon to take the Instructional Technology (CET Train the Trainer Workshop) which was sponsored by GWWI. It was a great experience, greatly enhancing knowledge and skills. There was a noticible improvement in my teaching after I returned from the course. Once GWWI hired a full staff my services were no longer needed and I never put in enough class time teaching hours to qualify to take the CET exam.

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