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I am a member of the First Baptist Church of Villa Rica although I no longer attend regularly. For over a decade, my main service to the church was as a member of the choir. In addition to singing in the choir, I assisted with other music ministry activities such as singing in ensembles, playing in the bell choir, and working the sound board for various activities. I also worked with the Royal Ambassedors.

My most significant contribution outside of the music ministry was my work on the church's building project. I was on the communications team and I helped put together the materials promoting and supporting the building of our latest addition to the church. The examples provided below are all of my creation although members of my team helped with creative ideas and information:

  • Brochure Campaign Teams.pdf - This was a brochure that was handed out at church encouraging fellow members to participate in the development of the church building effort.
  • Not Equal Gifts...But Equal Sacrifice.pdf - I created this commitment card to assist people with making an informed decision in how much they can afford to give to the building effort.
  • 40 Days of Fasting and Prayer.pdf - This program was originally written by another church which gave us permission to make use of it. I reformatted the materials to half pages so the entire program could be printed out on 12 pages and distributed to our membership. This is the version which appeared on the web.

In addition to the above documents, I developed an entire new section of the church web site devoted to this effort which included all of the above plus much more including the following images created by the church's engineers:

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