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Employment Prior To 1982

Other employment falls into two main categories, the jobs I had before I chose my career path and the part-time jobs I've held in addition to my primary job. I got my first job at age 15 working in a submarine sandwich shop. I worked off and on during the remainder of my high school career and all of my jobs were in the restaurant industry.

Since graduating, I've never failed to be without a job for more than a few weeks even during college. Most of my jobs continued to be in restaurants but I also tried selling cars and collecting debts. I don't know how people do either of those, they certainly weren't for me.

Second Jobs During My Water/Wastewater Career

I like to work - the challenge of doing something different, the sense of accomplishing something, and the oppotunity to interact with others. Because of this, I held a second job more often than not once I settled down into a steady job with the City of Villa Rica. This may in part be due to the fact that I continued working for my previous employer for the first year after coming to work for Villa Rica.

Jobs choices since that time have tended to be things I found interesting as opposed to ways of making extra money. I went to work for the local movie theater because I love movies and I'd always wondered what it would be like to run a movie projecter. Because of my work habits and reliability, the owner eventually started taking Sundays off. Prior to that, he hadn't taken a day off since he'd opened the theater.

I became a radio disk jockey because I have a good voice and always wanted to be "famous". The theater no longer exists and the owner is gone as well but I worked off and on for the radio station for fourteen years and they are still in business. If you call them, the owner is the only one who will probably recognize my real name but even though I haven't worked there in almost two years now most of them will recognize my air name - Serge Christopher.

Steve Graddick, Owner
Kiss 102.7
102 Parkwood Circle
Carrollton, Georgia 30117


Web Site Development

Due to my success developing web sites for Scouting, I thought I might be able to run a side business professionally developing we sites. I got several nibbles but only ever really had two clients. The small income I made wasn't even enough to offset the hassle of having to do a much more complex tax return so I eventually gave it up. One of those sites, Heartland Home Developers, is still somewhat based on my original design.

However, even though I didn't make much money selling them, my services were in high demand. I put together web sites for my church, the Optimist Club, the Lions Club, and the City of Villa Rica. I even put up a site to help a fellow employee rent out his vacation home, The Birdhouse at Santa Rosa Beach.

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