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As a norm, résumés tend to just contain the highlights of someone's job history. The reason is simple -- when hiring, employers have to review many applications and getting into the minute details of someone's work history is not necessary, at least in the beginning of the process. Unfortunately, since many employers never follow-up on their initial limited review they often make hiring decisions without a full picture of their job candidates.

The internet résumé presents an opportunity to change this and that's what I will try to achieve here.

  • Basic Résumé -- Mike Kauffmann July 2009.pdf -- This is the résumé I present to prospective employers. The first page provides the general information most employers are looking for and the two additional pages provide a summary of the types of work I performed.
  • Extended Résumé -- Michael S Kauffmann - Curriculum Vitae -- While far from complete, these pages delve much further into my life than résumés normally do. My extensive work experience as well as my history of service to my church and my community are laid out in some detail.

My Goals

  • I am seeking a job where I can best use my skills and abilities for another 20 years or so.
  • During my time with the City of Villa Rica, I managed to build a pension and a 457B retirement investment account. I hope to add to these resources to make for a better retirement.
  • If possible, I would prefer a job that would work well with my wish to go back to school to earn a degree related to the water/wastewater field, probably chemistry or chemical engineering.


First and most important, this résumé focuses on my career in the water/wastewater industry. My work history before settling into this career path was chaotic to say the least. However, that doesn't mean that I didn't learn important things from flipping burgers, selling cars, and running a movie theater. It just means those weren't the careers for me.

Second, having been with the same employer for over two decades, maintaining a résumé has not been high on my priority list. The one I put together in June had at least one significant mistake. This process of putting together a more extensive résumé is helping me to create a more accurate record.

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