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EPD used to monitor pretreatment requirements for small communities with only one or two industries. In 1999, the City of Villa Rica had three significant industrial dischargers so EPD mandated that we establish our own industrial pretreatment program. I spent the next year and a half researching and developing the city's program.

EPD was very helpful, recommending that I build the city's program based on the program developed by Newnan. I eventually got copies of seven different programs (including two from out of state) which I studied to help me determine what would best serve the city. EPD also put me in touch with Columbia County and the City of Covington, two successful established programs that were willing to share their expertise. The pretreatment coordinator at Covington was the most helpful providing many insights into how a program should work and recommending I take EPA's advanced pretreatment training course.

It took four tries before EPD was satisfied with the completed program. The first submittal resulted in a rather large laundry list of items which needed to be reworked. The most significant problem was that EPD had just established a new policy which didn't allow the pretreatment ordinance to be seperate from the sewer use ordinance. I had to combine the two ordinances and resolve all conflicting language. Each successive submittal resulted in fewer and fewer problems until the program was finally acceptable.

The following is the approved industrial pretreatment program. These documents are my work based on the research I did. The only engineering assistance I had during this process was the headworks calculations and loadings.

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