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Pine Lake was a mobile home park with approximately 300 homes. When I went to work there, I had responsibility for anything related to water and sewer inside the park. Their water system consisted of three wells, a hydromatic tank with booster pumps, several fire hydrants, around a half mile of water lines, and individual water meters on each home which I both worked on/replaced as needed and read for billing purposes. I also maintained the swimming pool.

The sewer system consisted of around a half mile of sewer lines which drained into a lift station with submersible pumps. The station pumped to a small package plant which consisted of filters, an aeration tank, and a clarifier. Sludge was returned using a traveling air lift pump. Chlorine was originally fed using a tank mounted chlorine gas feed system which I eventually replaced with a liquid system using indutrial strength bleach.

Little if any preventative maintenance was being performed prior to my arrival. In fact, the operational procedures being employed prior to my arrival were causing severe wear and tear on the equipment so I developed a preventative maintenance program. Their records were also practically non-existant so I put together a record keeping system as well.

A month or two after going to work for Pine Lake, the park was sold to a different investor who layed off the entire staff but wanted to keep me at half my starting salary. I made a counter proposal that I would run the wastewater plant and wells on contract. They accepted. All of my other responsibilities were dropped and I only worked for five hours a week. We continued this arrangement for about a year and a half.

At this point I started looking for a new job. Douglasville/Douglas County Water Sewer Authority loved my résumé since it fit right into a new position they had already proposed. The job didn't exist yet but they assured me I would get the position once it was created. Thinking I had found my next job and since my wife had a steady job of her own, I was content to wait. However, I ran out of patience after about six months and sought employment with the City of Villa Rica who hired me on the spot. I continued working for Pine Lake under contract in addition to my work for Villa Rica for about a year.

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